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TN Beef Producers Marketing Alliance

Producer Genetics Staff

Richard Brown

Jimmy Jennings

Cattle Info Sheets

If you are interested in having Tennessee Livestock Producers help you determine the genetic needs of your herd, please fill out our Cattle Produers Info Sheets. Mail, email or fax them back to our office and our genetics specialist will contact you.

Click here to access the Producer Genetics Cattle Info Sheets.

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Useful Resources:

  • Middle Tennessee Beef Cattle Alliance
  • Upper Cumberland Beef Cattle Alliance

Producer Genetics is a comprehensive and goal-oriented program, that includes:

Mission Statement:

Tennessee Livestock Producers Inc., has designed Producer Genetics to facilitate improved feeder cattle value and performance through genetics, health management and marketing.


  • To maximize the profit potential and reputation of feeder cattle produced in Tennessee.
  • To enhance the genetics of Tennessee feeder cattle and cow herds.
  • To provide producers with quality herd sires that are balanced in performance and carcass traits.
  • To enhance the uniformity of feeder cattle within and across producer groups.
  • To assist producers with production and management concerns.
  • To provide the opportunity for cooperative marketing between producers.
  • To allow producers to realize the true value of their product.

Producer Genetics Services:

Herd Sire Program:

  • Alliance members may lease sires to advance the genetics within their enrolled herd.
  • Provides commercial cow/calf producers with quality genetics that have the potential to produce calves that will perform well throughout each segment of the industry.
  • Matches sire(s) to the cow herd for optimization of herd production goals.
  • Introduce sires with uniform genetic traits across many producers to establish a large base of similar feeder cattle.
Bull Leasing Program (Alliance members and market customers):
  • Bulls can be leased by Alliance members at 33% of the bull value per breeding season.

Bull Purchase Program:

  • Tennessee Livestock Producers, Inc. will assist in the purchase of bulls that meet the specifications of "Producer Genetics" herd sires.
  • If herd sires currently owned meet specifications, no lease or purchase is necessary.

Replacement Heifers:

  • Provide a consistent source of quality replacement females for the commercial cow/calf producer.
  • Artificially bred to industry-leading, low birth weight sires.
  • Bred to calve in a 60-day Fall or Spring calving season.
  • Designed to complement and to enhance the Herd Sire Program.

Consultation Service:

  • Match sire to cow herd.
  • Assist in bull and replacement heifer purchases.
  • Establish heat synchronization and artificial insemination programs.
  • Assist in establishing a controlled calving season.
  • Development of a sound herd health program.
  • Establish and meet production goals.

Marketing Program:

Designed for calves sired through the Producer Genetics Program

  • Special Advertised Sales
  • Video Board Sales
  • Feeder Calf Sales
  • Weekly Auction Market
  • Private Treaty

*Option for combining producer lots to form larger marketable groups of similar genetic-type calves.

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